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Multiple Zones With Dolby Atmos, Can It Be Done?

Your home theater is perfect. You followed all the CEDIA guides. You dedicated 25 channels of audio to one room. Dolby Atmos is delivering unmatched sound quality and fullness that can’t be replicated. It’s the dream of every cinephile. Whether you are swinging from skyscrapers with Spider-Man or getting the[...]
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Tips and Tricks

Control4 and AVPRo: Audio routing setup

  Calling all Control4 installers using AVPro Edge matrix switchers. Here we are going to breakdown how to go about setting up your system so you never have any audio routing problems. There is a specific way to set the audio bindings inside the Control4 Composer Software and when done[...]
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New Technology

What is 8K and How To Prepare For It

In our new Webinar we took a look at 8k and what it means for installers. More than just a change in resolution, 8k comes with an all-new HDMI standard and a different way the signals flow throughout the HDMI pipe. We covered what makes 8k relevant and what to[...]
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Tips and Tricks

Productive Conference and Education Rooms

We have all been there, prepared and ready to kill it at the next meeting only to find that you needed an IT Degree to operate the dam AV system. Thankfully there are solutions out there that will make the conference room experience seamless and more productive. Most meeting rooms require the[...]
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Can your system really handle 4K HDR?

  Nobody thinks twice about buying a 4K TV these days. We go into a store, purchase a TV and hey, it’s 4K HDR, great! But what does this mean? Can I now watch everything in 4K? Is everything I have now compatible with my new TV? A lot of[...]
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4K HDMI HDR training with Jeff Murray from AVPro Edge

Gain a valuable insight into distributing 4K HDMI with HDR with Jeff Murray from AVPro Edge. Jeff Murray the Founder and President of AVPro Edge and Muriedo will be in NZ during September for the Facilities Integrate Expo and will delivering his world recognized 4K HDR Design workshop. Jeff is[...]
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