In March 2020 Key Service will be hosting the Imaging Science Foundation in Auckland for the ISF Level III Certification. 

Who Should Attend

  • AV Installers/Integrators
  • Technology Consultants
  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Colourists
  • Digital Imaging Specialists & Supervisors
  • Post Production personnel
  • Display Manufacturers
  • Independent Calibrators

Since Joel Silver incorporated the Imaging Science Foundation in 1994 the ISF has been an industry leader in the pursuit for video perfection.

The ISF is now regarded worldwide as the certification in video calibration. Due to a wider colour gamut and the emergence of dynamic metadata such as Dolby Vision and hdr10+, our audience is now aware of the immersive imaging that is possible. As a video professional, the goal is to make sure the content being displayed is as close as possible to how the creator intended. Video professionals who are ISF certified, are equipped with the right knowledge and skills necessary to give their clients a superior video experience, giving them an edge on the competition.

Calibrating a display is only one half of the puzzle, understanding how to get distributed content to the displays unimpeded is the other part. When HDMI released its version 2.0 a new era in audio and video was born. Out of this a new challenge was created, distributing high bandwidth audiovisual signals. As part of the ISF certification, you will learn the best way to manage these signals, making sure that you do not sacrifice colour spaces and preserve the HDR metadata needed to deliver video brilliance.

Course Preview


What it takes to get 18Gbps signals through the system and to the display, a hands-on lab on fiber optic cable termination, and an in-depth discussion on the use of Matrix Switches, HDMI splitters, BulletTrain SSF Fiber, HDBaseT, and more.​


Understanding the video food chain, basic video system setup and ISF calibration, white balance, color gamut, and front panel controls all with hands-on labs using meters and generators.​


HDR completely demystified, HDR calibration, advanced calibration of HDR displays, saturation sweeps, LUTs, and more with hands-on labs.

ISF Level III Course Fee = only $1600 NZD

What will I learn?

  • ISF certified following successful completion of an exam
  • Impacting technologies including wide colour space, HDR formats such as  HDR10+ Dolby Vision, Technicolour and more. Practical knowledge of video reproduction standards
  • Each attendee will be exposed to the tools required to make correct adjustments for control, contrast, brightness, colour, tint sharpness, gamma, colour gamut, and white balance.
  • Each attendee will participate in labs to connect video sources to displays and projectors to make correct adjustments using appropriate video patterns and reading from colour analysers for control, contrast, brightness, colour, tint sharpness, gamma, colour gamut, and white balance.
  • Learn about the latest advancement in CalMAN, and AutoCal automation which takes the tedious parts of the calibration, leaving the calibrator time to work on other tasks or consulting the customer
  • Learn the latest technological advances in ultra-high-definition video from industry leader Joel Silver
  • Learn about the latest standards for video reproduction including PISCR, BT 1886 and Rec. 2020
  • A heavy emphasis in the course is on projection technologies (2-piece) – installation considerations, installation, setup and calibration using various tools of the trade.
  • An agnostic approach to supporting technologies – sources, repeaters, connectivity, displays and projectors – learn about what is good, bad, ugly and improvable – and how to improve them.
  • Gain the knowledge to teach customers about picture quality and be able to confidently explain why investing in a better TV or projector is worth it.

Your Instructor: Joel Silver

Joel Silver is the President and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, Inc. (ISF) which incorporated in 1994 to introduce image quality improving calibration services into TVs. There are now over 100 million TVs shipped under license to the ISF.

CEDIA presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Petco Park in 2018

He chairs the CTA and CEDIA Home Theater Video Standards committee, serves on the INFOCOMM Contrast Ratio Standards committee and is an INFOCOMM 2018 Fellow.

He also is the producer of the HDTV Calibration Wizard and the ISF UHDTV 4K test pattern suite that is deployed in multiple manufacturer’s UHD 4K HDR reference generators.

His work on advancing TV image quality was covered in the NY Times, the LA Times, Popular Mechanics, Wired and numerous A/V publications here and abroad.

He has been involved in high-end video, high-end audio, telemedicine, Microsoft Windows video quality tools, and the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship program at the W. Averill Harriman School of Management.

He has presented at CES, American Association of Medical Instrumentation, Barco BE, CEDIA Australia, CIT Beijing, EHExpo, InfoComm, ISE Amsterdam, ISE Asia, NESDA, NSCA, Microsoft’s WINHEC, he received both top five and top ten CEDIA instructor awards and is a CE PRO top-ten-for-ten-years Most Influential Industry Leader.

He has trained Acer, AMD, the BBC, Barco, BenQ, Bose, CNN, DataColor, Dolby, DVDO, DNP, Draper, Elite Screens, Epson, Grandview Screens, Harman, HBO, Hitachi, InFocus, Integra, Intel, LG, JVC, Linn, Lissau A/S, Microsoft, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, NEC, Netflix, NVIDIA, Onkyo, Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Runco, Samsung, Screen Research, Sencore, Sharp, SpectraCal, Sony, Stewart Filmscreen, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Vutec, Yamaha, Xrite and numerous other clients.

Joel Silver is a co-inventor of the patented Microsoft Windows Display Calibration Wizard which is now in over 111,000,000 PCs.

He has been both a CES Innovations judge and a CEDIA Awards judge for many years.

ISF Level III - Presented by Joel Silver

1st time ever in New Zealand

3rd to 5th March 2020

Course Fee = $1600 NZD

Highbrook Conference Suites, Auckland, New Zealand